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Pascal Luban is a freelance game designer and creative director. He is the founder and manager of The Game Design Studio.

Having worked in the game industry as game or level designer since 1995, Pascal has worked for major studios and publishers including, ActivisionSCEE, Ubisoft and DICE. In particular he was Lead Level Designer on the world acclaimed “versus” multiplayer versions of both Splinter Cell – Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory, Creative Director on Wanted – Weapons of Fate, and designer of CTF-Tornado, the leading multiplayer map of the UT3-Ageia Extreme PhysX mod. His current missions are heavily focused on freemium and mobile gaming.


Pascal also works on mobile platforms. His first mobile game, an action/RPG called The One Hope, published by the Irish publisher Gmedia, has received the Best In Gaming Award at the 2009 Digital Media Awards in Dublin, Ireland.

He also set up and managed the playtest structure of the Annecy Ubisoft studio where the “versus” multiplayer versions of Splinter Cell were developed.

Besides writing full game and level designs, Pascal is contracted by studios or publishers as a consultant to audit game and level designs, to work on game concepts or to give on-site classes and workshops.

Pascal is a regular contributor to Gamasutra where he has already published several papers.

Pascal Luban worked with Activision
Pascal Luban worked with SCEE
Pascal Luban worked with Ubisoft