Pascal Luban - Game Design Consultant & Creative Director

Master Classes

Master classes are one or two-days events, mixing lectures on best practices, case studies and workshops where attendees get the opportunity to practice what they have just learnt in the lectures.

Master classes are not about game theory; their objective is to give concrete insights, methods and tips. I use real examples from games I worked on to demonstrate my points.

Master classes can be delivered in two formats: For schools or studios. In the latter case, games under development can be used as the basis for the workshop.

Training & Workshops

Freemium design (advanced master class for school) Training_dark

Freemium design (advanced master class for school)

This master class is specifically designed for game designers that already master the basics of freemium design:


  • Monetization strategies -   What are their pros and cons? How to define the monetization strategy best adapted to your game?
  • Retention -  How to retain your players after their first game session? How to build a successful long term retention strategy?
  • Economic design - How to control the player’s progression? How to define the prices of items sold in soft currencies?
  • Hardcore games - What are the key issues related to freemium?
  • Metrics - What are the key metrics to follow and why?


The master class include case studies to demonstrate key learnings.


  • Pros and cons of each monetization strategy
  • Tool to indentify monetization strategies best adapted to your game project
  • Techniques for short and long term retention
  • Technique to control the player's progression
  • Technique to define the prices of items sold in-game
  • List of most useful metrics, their use and the way to compute them
  • Do's and don'ts when defining concepts for hardcore games..
University of Madrid
Scream School (Moscow)
Kajaani University
Krakow Technology Park
Games Academy