Pascal Luban - Game Design Consultant & Creative Director

Master Classes

Master classes are one or two-days events, mixing lectures on best practices, case studies and workshops where attendees get the opportunity to practice what they have just learnt in the lectures.

Master classes are not about game theory; their objective is to give concrete insights, methods and tips. I use real examples from games I worked on to demonstrate my points.

Master classes can be delivered in two formats: For schools or studios. In the latter case, games under development can be used as the basis for the workshop.

Training & Workshops

Freemium design (introductory master class for school) Training_dark

Freemium design (introductory master class for school)

This master class covers the basics and answers most of the answers non-game designers have regarding the design of freemium game:

  • Retention -  Why is it a key issue to address? How to build successful short and long term retention strategies?
  • Monetization - What are the strategies that will drive players to spend real money in a free game?
  • Shop - How to design it? What to sell in hard and soft currencies?
  • Concept - What are the key features in a freemium game to look for? Which questions should you ask yourself if you want to define the concept for a freemium game?


Several highly successful freemium titles will be analyzed in depth in order to illustrate the key topics.


Understanding of the key design issues of freemium games

  • The different monetization strategies, their pros and cons
  • Strategies to implement successful short and long term retention
  • Basic rules to know to design the shop
  • Key points to address when defining the concept for a freemium game.
University of Madrid
Scream School (Moscow)
Kajaani University
Krakow Technology Park
Games Academy