Pascal Luban - Game Design Consultant & Creative Director

Master Classes

Master classes are one or two-days events, mixing lectures on best practices, case studies and workshops where attendees get the opportunity to practice what they have just learnt in the lectures.

Master classes are not about game theory; their objective is to give concrete insights, methods and tips. I use real examples from games I worked on to demonstrate my points.

Master classes can be delivered in two formats: For schools or studios. In the latter case, games under development can be used as the basis for the workshop.

Training & Workshops

The six golden rules of level design Training_dark

The six golden rules of level design

Different game genres feature unique level design requirements but they  must all meet common requirements: I call them the six golden rules of level design.


This master class will describe them in details and provide concrete tools and methods to prepare a great level design.



  • The six golden rules of level design
  • The presentation of a tool used to plan a level design
  • Case study: The development of the level design on a game I worked on, from its planning to its final tuning.


  • The understanding of the six constraints a designer involved in level design must keep in his mind at all time
  • Four techniques to build the difficulty curve
  • Two techniques to manage the game pace
  • Best practices for navigation in open levels
  • Why and how to use the level design blueprint,a pre-production planning tool
  • The steps to follow to develop a level design drom cocnept to its final tuning.
University of Madrid
Scream School (Moscow)
Kajaani University
Krakow Technology Park
Games Academy